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About Us

We are a group of young and dynamic networking experts with over two decades of direct selling expertise in India. We worked really hard as young people to progress from being regular distributors to becoming some of the industry’s most successful executives. Because we are self-made professional networkers, we both become ordinary to remarkable as Network Marketing professional leaders. We are motivated by two primary goals.

Our Directors And Members


1. Mr. Santosh Patil –  Director

2. Mrs. Ashwini Patil – Director

We like assisting individuals in being successful in life, and we realize that direct selling is the vehicle through which any regular person may achieve amazing results.

Our Core Team Members

1- Mr. Sachin Rathod – Chief Executive Officer

2. Mr. Nilesh Patil – VP – Accounts

3. Mr. Shivaji Pawar- VP – Marketing

4. Mr. Pravin Wankhade – VP – Admin

5. Mr. Sahebrao Chavhan – VP – Sales

This sparked our interest in direct selling and led to the formation of ASMPL Marketing Private Limited. Direct selling has become a very popular business strategy all around the world, and India offers a lot of room for growth. At ASMPL, we are dedicated to empowering kids, empowering women, and empowering everyone with a goal to realise their full power and freedom.

ASMPL is here to broaden your horizons, assist you to the best of your ability, and bring your aspirations to reality. Through the direct selling model under the umbrella of ASMPL, we are dedicated to provide a better life to the young by instilling in them the real spirit of entrepreneurship. At ASMPL, we have made it simple for anybody to succeed by associating with us by intelligently employing the greatest source and time-tested distribution method, ably backed by the able and renowned Leadership. ASMPL is the ultimate destination for true dreamers who are determined to succeed.